YUI 2.5.2 Released, Big Focus on Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 Support

With the releases of FireFox 3 and Opera 9.5 right around the corner, it’s great to see the Yahoo UI team being extremely proactive in ensuring strong compatibility with the browsers in their newest release, YUI 2.5.2. Announced yesterday, YUI v2.5.2 fixes a number of bugs but focuses heavily on support for the newest browser offerings from Mozilla and Opera. The updates include:

  • Extensive testing against Opera 9.5b2 and Firefox 3.0RC1 and both will be A-Grade browsers upon final release.
  • Major bug fixes to DataTable, Menu, Rich Text Editor and Button
  • The Rich Text Editor and DataSource components of the library have been updated for better Adobe AIR support.
  • The experimental Charts Control is upgraded for 2.5.2 with support for integral legends and for three new series styles.
  • The ActionScript source for components that use Flash (Charts and Uploader) is now available as part of the download for developers who want to dig more deeply into these components.

Full release notes for YUI v2.5.2 can be found at the Yahoo! User Interface Library Group and is immediately available via download or Yahoo!?s free edge-hosting service.

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