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Well, I’ve made it to PHP|tek in Chicago. I flew in last night, had a beer with Jason and then used the WiFi in the lobby to spin up an extra large EC2 instance (via RightScale) to do some benchmarks for one of my talks. I’m using the t...

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Hi,this is simple tutorials to create shoutbox. [b]Step 1 :[/b] Create database with information :
CREATE TABLE `tagboard` (
`id` int(7) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',
`comments` text NOT NULL,
`date` timestamp(14) NOT NULL,

Step 2 : Create file config.php with content

$dbuser=""; //Database Username
$dbname=""; //Database Name
$dbpass=""; // Database Password

Step 3: Create File tag.php with content :

Step 4: Create file todo.php with content :

if ($name == '' || $post == ''")
die ("Please fill all fields. Click here to return.");

$post = preg_replace("/$post = preg_replace("/>/",">",$post);
$post = nl2br($post);
$comments = "$post";

$todo="INSERT INTO tagboard (id,name,comments,date) VALUES('','$name','$comments',now())";
$solution = mysql_query($todo) or die (mysql_error());
if ($solution)

} ?>

Step 5 :Finally,create file view.php with content :



$todo='SELECT * FROM `tagboard` order by id desc LIMIT 50';
while ($place = mysql_fetch_array($solution))

»" ; ?>

You're done.

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