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Create Simple ShoutBox Print E-mail
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Hi,this is simple tutorials to create shoutbox. [b]Step 1 :[/b] Create database with information :
CREATE TABLE `tagboard` (
`id` int(7) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(250) NOT NULL default '',
`comments` text NOT NULL,
`date` timestamp(14) NOT NULL,

Step 2 : Create file config.php with content

$dbuser=""; //Database Username
$dbname=""; //Database Name
$dbpass=""; // Database Password

Step 3: Create File tag.php with content :

Step 4: Create file todo.php with content :

if ($name == '' || $post == ''")
die ("Please fill all fields. Click here to return.");

$post = preg_replace("/$post = preg_replace("/>/",">",$post);
$post = nl2br($post);
$comments = "$post";

$todo="INSERT INTO tagboard (id,name,comments,date) VALUES('','$name','$comments',now())";
$solution = mysql_query($todo) or die (mysql_error());
if ($solution)

} ?>

Step 5 :Finally,create file view.php with content :



$todo='SELECT * FROM `tagboard` order by id desc LIMIT 50';
while ($place = mysql_fetch_array($solution))

»" ; ?>

You're done.

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