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W3C CSS Namespaces; Now a Candidate Recommendation Print E-mail
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The CSS Namespace Module has now been bumped up to a "W3C Candidate Recommendation", thanks to the work of Elika J. Etemad and Anne van Kesteren (who built on the earlier work of Peter Linss and Chris Lilley).

The module is simple, but will be a very welcome addition:

This CSS Namespaces module defines the syntax for using namespaces in CSS. It defines the @namespace rule for declaring the default namespace and binding namespaces to namespace prefixes, and it also defines a syntax that other specifications can adopt for using those prefixes in namespace-qualified names.

This example does a good job at showing the namespaces:

Given the namespace declarations:

  2. @namespace toto "http://toto.example.org";
  3. @namespace "http://example.com/foo";

In a context where the default namespace applies:

  • toto|A:
    represents the name A in the http://toto.example.org namespace.
  • |B:
    represents the name B that belongs to no namespace.
  • *|C:
    represents the name C in any namespace, including no namespace.
  • D:
    represents the name D in the http://example.com/foo namespace.

This is a good step, but what we really wait for is the support in major browsers!

Read more at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/ajaxian/~3/298410387/w3c-css-namespaces-now-a-candidate-recommendation.
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