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Addressbook: An example of the Form History Pattern Print E-mail
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One of the examples that Ben and I give in our State of Ajax talk at Google I/O today revolves around form history.

We were thinking about the case for Undo on the Web that Aza Raskin is proposing and it got us thinking about the usage patterns of form data.

An example that got me was the Address Book application on the Mac. I find myself storing past addresses in the general “Notes” section at the bottom, but what if history was built into the system so I could go back in time? This could be a nice metaphor in general that goes beyond undo.

I took this use case and put together a working example that uses Gears to store the history locally so it can be speedy through the history.

The slider component comes from, and you can check out all of the code.

In the video below I show the application in action and then do a quick code walk through:

This is just the beginning of course. A slider if fun, but it would probably be more usable if it was simply left and right arrows that click through the versions, or at least putting tacks onto the slider.

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