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I was reading a bit on ReadWriteWeb today called Real People Don’t Have Time For Social Media, and it got me thinking about my attitude to the subject. I agree with the headline, but not for the same reason — it’s not that I lack t...

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Display composite Web page elements
This package can be used to display composite Web page elements.

It provides several classes that can compose and display predefined types of page elements like: product presentation with a link , description and image, and menu bars of links.

The code and comments are in Italian.

In Italian:

Fast Class HTML raccoglie un insieme di classi in grado di estendere le Simple Class HTML in modo da agevolare il programmatore nello sviluppo di interi componenti HTML.

Con Fast Class HTML sarà possibile creare pagine web dinamiche con poche semplici istruzioni e senza utilizzare il linguaggio HTML.

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