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Types of Errors in PHP4 Print E-mail
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We need to understand different type of PHP errors before we can rectify them. In PHP4, a program can have 11 different type of errors.

In this table we will define all these errors for understanding purpose.

 PHP Error Types

 Value and Description
 E_ERRORValue 1. Fatal error that occurs at script runtime and stops the script from executing.
 E_WARNINGValue 2. Nonfatal error which occurs at runtime (for example, if program is not able to connect to MySQL server).
 E_PARSEValue 4. Error that occurs at compile time due to invalid syntax. You need to check your script to resolve this error.
 E_NOTICEValue 8. Not exactly an error, but a hint that you may be doing something you don't want to.
 E_CORE_ERRORValue 16. Fatal error that occurs when the PHP engine starts. You cannot run any PHP scripts if this error occurs.
 E_CORE_WARNINGValue 32. Nonfatal error that occurs when the PHP engine starts. You can still run PHP scripts, but you may have one or more problems depending on the error.
 E_COMPILE_ERRORValue 64. Occurs when the script is compiled. A kind of fatal error.
 E_COMPILE_WARNINGValue 128. occurs when the script is compiled. A kind of Nonfatal error.
 E_USER_ERRORValue 256. User-generated fatal error. Same as E_ERROR, but never thrown by PHP.
 E_USER_WARNINGValue 512. User-generated nonfatal error. Same as E_WARNING, but never thrown by PHP.
 E_USER_NOTICEValue 1024. User-generated notice. Same as E_NOTICE, but never thrown by PHP.
 E_ALLValue 2048. Not really a type of error. Instead, it is all the errors rolled into one.


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