PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 38: Interview with Zak Greant

Today I’m going to talk to Zak Greant. Zak’s web page tells us: Zak Greant’s love of Free Software and Open Source is turning him into a penguin. When not practicing how to waddle or wear a tuxedo, he passes the time running the Foo...

Making application modules communicate with each other using Decoupling Print E-mail
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I've been talking about event driven application design in JavaScript in January last year and inspired Caridy Patiño to write his Bubbling Library based on these ideas.

Caridy now upped the ante a bit by talking about decoupling using the bubbling library over on the YUI blog.

In essence, his solution allows you to have custom events on application modules and listen to them independent of execution order or availability. Simply using custom events can get you in a pickle if you make yourself dependent on their order. With the decoupling solution proposed by Caridy this becomes one less issue to worry about.

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