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OraoWeb: Quicktime + JavaScript Print E-mail
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We recently saw the proof of concept for a JavaScript video player in JSONVid.

Pascal Vuylsteker has paired JavaScript and Quicktime to create OraoWeb. He puts a call out to argue that Flash isn't the only king of video and talks about the shortcomings:

  • Clean fast forward
  • Fast rewind
  • Jog Shuttle
  • Frame by frame step forward and backward
  • Direct access to any frame
  • Precise information about the currently displayed frame
  • Precise information about the amount of already downloaded data (in progressive download)
  • Selection control (constraint the navigation within the video)
  • Can read any format
  • Encrypted cache, no easy way to pirate the video, even in progressive download

He then says that he wishes Quicktime would support full screen better, and the multi-platform story isn't as good as Flash (no Linux).

Check out his demo to see some of these features in action:


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