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MySpace Developer Platform Launches Print E-mail
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Earlier this week MySpace soft-launched the Myspace Developer Platform (MDP), with limitations on the number of times that your app can be installed:

During this sandbox phase, the apps you create will be limited to a few installs (currently three). This limitation allows you to test your applications in a live environment well in advance of our full end-user launch. Apps will also not trigger activities updates and will not be able to directly communicate with end-users until launch. We’ll be posting updates on capabilities and dates frequently, so stay tuned!

CNET’s Rafe Needleman was at the launch party. Developers that he spoke to were positive about the new MySpace platform, not just because it opens up an audience to them, but also because MySpace is using OpenSocial at its core:

While MySpace will be adding its own proprietary extensions to the platform to give developers access to its particular data, the fact that the ecosystem will be at least somewhat standards compliant should make it possible for developers to more easily port MySpace apps to other platforms.

If you’re in the social networking application development space, you’d do well to check out the MDP REST API and OpenSocial JS API documentation.

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