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Ruby versus PHP or There and Back Again Print E-mail
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Well, I imagine that this opinion piece by Derick Silvers will cause some conversations: 7 reasons I switched back to PHP after 2 years on Rails. The gist being that a big bang rewrite of an existing code base is always a risk and that Rails is optimized more for the greenfield case. He talks about the beauty and power of coding in native SQL instead of database abstraction layers. I am sympathetic to that idea. He mentions hosting in that PHP is small and fast. To which I would add widely available and well known. He asks


And answers No with the comment

...when I took a real emotionless non-prejudiced look at it, I realized the language didn?t matter that much.

Now I disagree a bit here. It just happens that Ruby and PHP are equivalent in many of the ways that are important. See my post on comparing languages. PHP has some advantages with maturity, while ruby has some constructs, such as closures, that can do wonders in the hands of a skilled programmer. Yet, Ruby also has some disadvantages. I'd summarize that by saying it has all of the maintainability of perl with the commercial attitude of smalltalk.

One of the biggest themes of the 7 reasons piece is that he was able to bring much of what he learned from his 2 year failed rewrite in Ruby back to his PHP version. But, PHP is a different world today than it was two years ago when he made the decision to leave it for Ruby. PHP 5 is a more viable option. Additionally, the PHP community has learned from Rails. Some of the things that made the Rails framework a step ahead, for example routing and url helpers, are now widely available in the PHP world for those who want to use them.

Welcome back, we kept the light on.

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