WEBINAR: Everything you need to know about the PHP 5 Certification Exam

My good friend and fellow Zender Nili Gafni pinged me yesterday to remind me that we’ve got another free Webinar coming up. This one is “Everything you need to know about the PHP 5 Certification Exam”. I’m assuming that means ...

The Endpoints of the Scale of Stupidity on Video Print E-mail
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A quote from Cal Henderson (via simonwillison) presents a "Web Application Scale of Stupidity:"

| OGF (One Giant Function) ---- Sanity ---- OOP (Object Oriented Programming) |

The scale that Cal is talking about is actually better known as modularity:

| Few large modules ---- Sanity? ---- Many Small Modules |

If you haven't listened to Alan Kay talk about the benefits of many small modules, you should do so now. Alan Kay coined the term Object Oriented. Love OO or hate OO, if you have an opinion on it, you should know what he was thinking. Hint, it wasn't C++.

On the other end of the scale, One Giant Function is generally known as Big ball of Mud(PDF) Here is Brian Foote's presentation on the paper (read the paper first).

Read more at: http://www.procata.com/blog/archives/2007/11/02/the-endpoints-of-the-scale-of-stupidity-on-video/.
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