The Week in ColdFusion: 16-22 April: Community best practices

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LAMP is a set of open source softwares which gives proven technology and advancements to it's users. L stands for Linux which is a Open Source Operating System. A stands for Apache which is widely used Web Server. M is for MySQL database and P stands for PHP - A Hypertext Programming Language. Though PHP is platform independent but it's combination with Linux, Apache and MySQL is very powerful. Together they all form a stable development platform for users who understand the power of Open Source technology and believe in that.

Let's take a look at each of the technology element individually:

L - Linux, Operating System

All the other LAMP applications run on Linux Operating System which offers them secure and fast environment to accomplish the desired task. Since, Linux is a open source Operating System, it is available free of cost. You can download it from Internet and use it on your existing hardware without spending a single dime. The widely used Linux operating system's are Red Hat Linux (, CentOS (, Fedora (, Ubuntu (, Debian (, OpenSuSe (, Mandrake (, Knoppix (, Slackware ( etc. For more flavors of Linux operating system please visit

Many of the Linux distribution offers GUI based experience to users. They either come with Gnome or KDE (or both) as desktop manager application.


A - Apache, Web Server

Apache is one of the best open source software, installed on majority of the web servers world wide. As per the Netcraft survey (, Apache is used on most of servers in the market. The reasons of Apache popularity are:

- Open source software, absolutely FREE

- Security enhanced features like directory access protection and DDoS protection (through mod)

- Advanced features like bandwidth throttling, Secure Socket Layers (SSL)

- Common Gateway Interface (CGI) support

- Support for wide range of operating system

Apache is developed by Apache Software Foundation and it's official home page is located at

M - MySQL, Database

MySQL is a robust database software which enables users to access, store and retrieve data very fast using the scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Python. Mysql can store almost all type of commonly used data such as text, integers binary etc. Mysql is packed with advanced features like persistent connection, multiple database and tables, multiple user support, query limiting etc. The developer of Mysql database is MySQL AB. (

P - PHP, Scripting Language

PHP is a recursive acronym that stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP can be embedded into HTML and mostly used for Web development. PHP is very robust and powerful scripting language which is proved by organizations who has developed world's secure and fast applications using PHP. Though PHP is platform independent programming language and can be used on Unix, Linux and Window's OS but still PHP's combination with Operating System Linux, Web server Apache and database Mysql is great. PHP also support majority of database either directly or through ODBC connection. It can also run with MS IIS web server on Window's platform. The official home page of PHP is

I hope you like this initial introduction about the LAMP technologies. Please submit your feedback by clicking contact us form on this site. I shall write more detailed articles and tutorial in future on LAMP.

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