The ZendCon Sessions Episode 11: The Grown-Up Company's Guide to Development

Welcome to The ZendCon Sessions. This episode of The ZendCon Sessions was recorded live at ZendCon 2007 in Burlingame, CA. We hope you enjoy today’s session as we listen to Brian DeShong present “The Grown-Up Company’s Guide to Deve...

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Sessions and cookies enable user login information, preferences and more to be stored without any user intervention. PHP sessions are great for temporary login storage, to keep users logged in at a site until the browser is closed. This makes sessions very safe and secure. However, cookies can save website preferences for a year, far longer than sessions. And cookies are stored on the user's computer, whereas sessions reside on the server.

Giving users the option to choose which one they want to use can be helpful if their browser doesn't support one or the other. And with the simplicity of PHP, using either of these simultaneously on your website should be seamless to endusers.

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