.NET on the ?Net Feb 1-7: DataContext Dilemmas & Versioning Databases

In the running for ?post of the week? there is an outright tie between Rick Strahl?s brilliant post on strategies to handle Linq to SQL?s DataContext dilemma. Her threw in a set of sample business object wrapper samples for good measure. K. Scott ...

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Image galleries with admin areas are growing sensations. With digital cameras everywhere, people need places to put their pictures for everyone to see. One of the most practical ways is an online image gallery written in PHP. PHP lets the admin upload images and assign captions to each image. PHP retrieves images and neatly displays the images with their file size, date added and captions. Users may also be able to rate the images, or give their comments regarding it.

Users can sort the images by size, date added, name or caption. Users may also have the option to submit their own images or have a favorites list.

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