Button Up! More Photoshop Goodness?

Today we published the second part of Corrie Haffly’s current series of Photoshop tutorials, Build Beautiful Buttons In Photoshop, Part II. As with Part I, this is an excerpt from Corrie Haffly’s book, The Photoshop Anthology, which is cu...

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PHP is the most powerful server-side scripting language available on the internet. Based on the C core, PHP is remarkably easy to learn and code with. PHP is capable of performing insignificant tasks like collecting the users' browser agent. Yet it is strong enough to perform database entry operations and high-intensity database queries. PHP is available for nearly every web server and is free to use, unlike the proprietary ASP which has terrible syntax and costs money to use.

PHP is the choice of many web masters because of its beginner-friendliness and professional-level possibilities.

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