Bigger And Better: Trends in Mobile Screen Sizes

An interesting couple of posts in the past week by Morten Hjerde, in which he compiles Norwegian usage data (mobile phones with color screens, support for Java and a web browser). In his posts, Hjerde: charts mobile screen size trends and declares t...

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Plain old static html error pages are in-descriptive and frustrating, one of the main to reasons webmasters commonly choose to make a mistake and redirect all 404s to their home page. Instead of redirecting, use PHP to let the user know what page they were trying to access and a note saying it no longer exists. Then give them a couple of options such as go back to referring site, continue your site's home page, etc.

You might also integrate an email function to let yourself know a page is no longer up, or a site is linking to a non-existent page on your website. Even an option for the visitor to report the non-existent page is a good idea.

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