PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 38: Interview with Zak Greant

Today I’m going to talk to Zak Greant. Zak’s web page tells us: Zak Greant’s love of Free Software and Open Source is turning him into a penguin. When not practicing how to waddle or wear a tuxedo, he passes the time running the Foo...

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PHP 5.2.2 and PHP 4.4.7 Released 1864
The Google Summer of Code 1732
PHP 4.4.6 Released 1781
A big Pfutt to Windows Vista 1811
PHP 5.2.1 and PHP 4.4.5 Released 1594
Stefan Esser ruminates on PHP Security 1948
The front page has changed 1734
PHP Manual Updates 1767
The Shape of Future Processors? 1550
My experience moving to PHP5 1531
In praise of Zend Core 1684
New Improved Yummy ADOdb Session Handler 2173
Partitioned Iteration in Enterprise Frameworks 1976
Scale-Up or Scale-Out Your Database 2222
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