Zend Framework Subversion Reorganization

The Zend Framework team has just completed a reorganization of our subversion repository. The reorganization was necessary due to changes we are introducting both in our proposal system as well as project architecture. Specifically, ...

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WEBINAR: Everything you need to know about the PHP 5 Certification Exam 1648
Zen Gift of Education 1476
Scientology's secret documents hacked by /i/'s Splongcat 1662
[Easy as Pie] Working with a MySQL Database 1699
PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 32: Introduction to symfony 1733
Yossi Leon on Zend Studio for Eclipse 1599
Did you hear Sun was buying MySQL? 1675
Free Advanced DHTML Color Picker 1676
PHP Women: Support a Good Cause 1640
The ZendCon Sessions Episode 6: Project Management Methods to Maintain IT Standards 2095
Ohloh Ranks The World?s Coders 1840
HTML Purifier 3.0.0 1683
XKCD's amazing solution to chat noise 1708
Digg is hiring LAMP programmers 1721
Software Documentation with Trac 1589
Installing Drupal Themes 1602
Code's Worse Enemy 1515
CA?s Web Site Hacked By Malware Authors 1750
A Curious Letter About Starbucks Not Supporting Our Troups 1543
PHP Headers: Status Code Definitions (Reference List) 1675
PHP 4.4.8 Released 1426
Article Marketing on CMS, Blogs, and Online Magazines to Improve Sales 1560
Why Should PHP ever be taught in school? 1374
Setting Up OpenVPN with X509 Certificates 1677
Web cluster redundancy with mod_backhand revisited 1701
Python LDAP Applications: Part 4 - LDAP Schema 1851
Back and Backing Backhand on top of that! 1620
Catalyst Web Framework: Building Your Own Model 1519
Lotus Notes 8 ? Productivity Tools 1384
How To Import Non-Commercial DVDs Into iMovie ?08 1753
Mac Tiger 10.5 Apple Registration Screen Loop Stuck 1708
Getting PHP 5.2.x To Run on Mac Tiger 10.5 1673
How To Send Data From Flash To ASP/PHP Without A Page Refresh 2744
Sarah Snow Stever 1615
PHP 5.2.5 Released 1560
Benchmarking PHP?s Magic Methods 1819
The Endpoints of the Scale of Stupidity on Video 1729
Working with PHP 5 in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) 1812
Internet Advancement told to refund clients 1607
Keywords and Language Simplicity 1670
Improved Error Messages in PHP 5 1641
The new documentation build system is ready for testing 2045
Michigan Taxes Graphic Design Services 1452
Ruby versus PHP or There and Back Again 1632
PHP 5.2.4 Released 1520
Mighty Mouse Kryptonite and Exceeding Expectations 1435
Bye Bye PHP4 1436
PHP 4 end of life announcement 1572
PHP 5.2.3 Released 1472
reCAPTCHA - Combining Distributed Problem Solving with a Web Service 1704
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