Ext JS and the fun with Open Source licenses

There has been a lot of noise revolving around Ext JS and the open source license decisions. Under the original license (LGPL-ish) many thought that it wasn't actually an open source license at all. Jack changed to GPL last week when he announced ve...

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MySpace Developer Platform Launches 1838
Review: PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects 1733
The Week in ColdFusion: 30 Jan-5 Feb: a bit of everything 1829
OpenAjax Alliance Launches Its Second Wave 1466
Server Side JavaScript Databases Access 1608
How to get contract work in three easy steps (Part 3 of 3) 1562
Firebug 1.1 and getfirebug.com 1908
Kevin Lynch promoted to become Adobe CTO 1637
HTTP Server 1777
XCS Parser 1846
Apple?s OS X ?Utter Crap? According to Linux Founder 1672
Canvas Pie Chart from datatable 2588
MySpace Announces Developer Platform 1536
Collaborative Drawing with Sketch 1662
Continous Integration for the Front End 1657
Random thoughts from a Firefox 1497
OpenSocial 0.7: Coming to prime time 1703
MBTemplate Class 1867
SnPayPalApi 1785
Super Tuesday: Ajax Endorsements 1500
Unblocking Adblock 1602
CSS3 ::selection used to hide any image in text 1800
Ext JS IDE Support Roundup 2369
Adobe Tamarin Tracing JIT for JavaScript 1606
Functional Programming with JavaScript and Dojo 1744
Low Pro for jQuery 1758
Sortable Elements 1707
RESTful Rails. Part I 1535
Octalpussy 1677
Octopussy numbers in PHP 2154
Google releases Social Graph API 1929
SimplePaginator 1744
xkcd: Real Programmers 1727
Preventing SQL Injections In Secure PHP Programming 1868
PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 34: Streams Abstraction 1853
Secure PHP Password Randomization Automation 1741
Lifting the Skirt on Zend Framework 1.5 - Zend_Form 1771
Zend Weekly Summaries Issue #369 1653
PHP and your domain model with Doctrine ORM 1881
The ASP.NET Repeater Control 1828
Zend Framework 1.5.0 Preview Release now available 1814
Creating Data Tables With PEAR Structures_DataGrid 1830
Scientists Build First Man-Made Genome 1863
PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 33: Book Review: PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects 1774
The ZendCon Sessions Episode 7: High Performance PHP & MySQL Scaling Techniques 1796
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Installation Made Easy 1534
SF PHP Meetup Presents Terry Chay in a One Man Show 'The PHP Fear and Loathing Guide to OO Design' 1803
Zend Technologies updates Zend Platform with comprehensive new capabilities to improve... 2123
kapustabrothers.com - Indexing PDF Documents with Zend_Search_Lucene 1882
Generating and Validating Web Forms With PEAR HTML_QuickForm (part 2) 1914
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