Package: phpColourLover Summary: Retrieve color elements from the COLOURLovers site Groups: Graphics, PHP 5, Web services Author: Nathan Lucas Description: This package can be used to retrieve color elements from the COLOURLovers site. It acc...

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The Delphi for PHP Roadmap 1642
Veteran Executive Steven Springsteel Joins Zend Board of Directors 2794
Zend Technologies Releases Zend Framework 1.5, with Significant Enhancements for Building Modern... 1911
CodeGear Developer Network (CDN) News - June 2007 - Roadmap Chats, Developer Days, C++Builder 2007,. 1806
Taking Web Applications Offline, to the Desktop, and beyond 1697
To GWT Ext or to Ext GWT? 1755
Embed your data- in HTML 5 1402
Timeframe: Prototype date range component 1797
OraoWeb: Quicktime + JavaScript 1501
Customizing the Default Theme in Drupal 1610
Live Demos: The SitePoint CSS Reference Goes Interactive 1496
Math prime 1642
Geocoder 1632
Blogger: Beyond the Basics 1614
Making application modules communicate with each other using Decoupling 1688
Worst Captcha Ever 1689
Google offers Search, Feed, and Translation APIs to Non Ajax Usage 1579
Smooth your deployment with Passenger 1465
Talking about JavaScript 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 before we get to 2.0 1846
Reminded of speaking your YAHOO.lang 1618
Yahoo! BrowserPlus: Why wait for the news when you have strings? 1427
XML to Sensible Array 1808
PHON 1481
Now your mobile phones get to take some Acid 1534
Google Invests Big In Clean Energy 1403
Creating a Web Page for Displaying Data from SQL Server 2008 1713
Google Summer of Code: students 1480
Ext JS 2.1 Released 1599
iPhone Remote Debugger 1432
JSONVid: Pure JavaScript Video Player 2198
What is the future of Ajax applications talking to the data tier? 1423
ProtoRPG: Role Playing with Prototype 1828
You guys all suck 1468
Token Grid 1601
Real-world Gloss Effects in Fireworks 1427
Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers 1709
Write On Pic 2092
Web Directions North Podcasts and Slides Online 1532
phpColourLover 1584
Yahoo! BrowserPlus: The rumour is true 1653
Congratulations to : We Celebrate Our Ten-Thousandth Post! 2086
Integrating Zend Framework and Doctrine 1649
Zend Framework Articles and Tutorials 1620
The Twubble with Bob Lee 1772
100 Line Ajax Wrapper 1949
Conform your JSON to ECMAScript 4 with JCON 1523
List Days 1663
GeoIP API Connector 1743
The Week in ColdFusion: 9-15 April: Code crazy 1772
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