The ASP.NET Repeater Control

The ASP.NET Repeater Control Tuesday, January 29, 2008 | Microsoft & .NET The Repeater control is a data-bound control that uses templates to display data. The Repeater control works by looping through the records in your data source and then r...

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Types of Errors in PHP4
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We need to understand different type of PHP errors before we can rectify them. In PHP4, a program can have 11 different type of errors.

In this table we will define all these errors for understanding purpose.

Inspecting File Permissions using PHP Functions
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PHP Interpreter can read or write files on which it have permission to do so.  PHP provides few functions using those we can easily check the status of permission assigned on any file. These functions are useful, if we are going to manipulate files in our program. Here, are we will see usages of such functions in practical way.

PHP Development Is Becoming Increasingly Popular
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PHP simply refers to Hypertext Preprocessor and is becoming quite popular due to the wide nature of functions that it can be used for. Also, PHP development is relatively simple for newcomers to learn the basics. As well, more advanced programmers are also using PHP development because there is almost no limit to what can be done when it is used properly.
Php - A First Look
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PHP: Hypertext Processor is a server-side web programming language that blends seamlessly with HTML. PHP can run on both Unix and Windows servers, which makes it more accessible than its Windows counterpart, Active Server Pages (ASP). Most full-service web design firms will have at least one PHP guru.
Ebook - 10 Super Tips To Installing Scripts
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Make It Easy with 10 Super Tips To Installing Scripts

10 Hot Tips that every person needs who has ever thought about learning how to install scripts. From PHP to CGI to Javascripts, you need to know BEFORE you start this important information.

FREE Ebook - Read more to download! 

How to Get and Show IP Address Using PHP and JavaScript
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This small tutorial will help you in learning how to get and show IP Address using PHP and JavaScript.
How to set up a server with Apache , PHP , MySQL , Perl , phpMyAdmin
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If you wish to setup Apache, PHP, MySQL and Perl on your system, this tutorial is for you. Here you will learn from where to download these softwares and how to setup and configure them on your PC.

PHP Navigations
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In this tutorial learn about PHP navigations.
SubmitForce v1.0
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SubmitForce is an automated Search engine submitter class. It submits
URLs to search engines and display the status of the submission.

* SF Supports GET and POST methods.
* Custom HTTP header formatting.
* optional client side form validation
* Easiest new engine addition
* Advanced troubleshooting functionality
* No database required.

Opening and Closing Files in PHP
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PHP provides number of  in-built functions to handle our files related issues. PHP files functions are very advance and can offer almost all the things required in our PHP scripts. In this tutorial we will learn how to Open, Read and Close Files using PHP.

PHP Session Management Tutorial (Part 2) - Storing and Retrieving Data
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In first part of this tutorial series we learned how to use PHP session_start() and session_register() function.
Now, we are going to learn how to store data using session variables and then how to retrieve it on next page.
We will show you this using the full script code which you can test at your end easily.
How to get directory listing with FTP using PHP
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This tutorial will show how you can get directory list of any ftp site by using PHP's in-built functions.
PHP provides number of existing functions which are capable enough to handle almost all kind of FTP operations.

PHP Session Management - Part 1
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Scope : PHP4
PHP Functions Used : session_start() and session_register()

PHP4 introduce built-in session management techniques. Session management is important feature to track variables associated with a user's web session which is a time that a user spends on site using the same browser.
PHP in the Command Line
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Ever run commands in DOS? You've used a shell. A "shell" in the computer world is a place where you enter commands and run files by name rather than clicking around different windows.
Quick Intro to PHP Development
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Chances are that if you've been around the Internet long enough, you've heard of server-side scripting languages such as PERL, ASP and ColdFusion. These are all popular languages that are used to add interactivity to Web sites, but one stands out from the crowd in terms of usability, power, and, yes, price: the PHP scripting language.
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